Today we take a quick look into one of the platforms features – the Pre-ping.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it is defined as: “Pre-ping is a real time inquiry via API to see if a lead is a duplicate in your database before the display of your offer.”

There are advantages to both the lead seller and lead buyer when utilizing a pre-ping. To a lead seller, when a buyer is utilizing a pre-ping, duplicate posts (failed posts) are reduced to 0 in most cases. Depending on the seller, they may not have the ability to retarget and resell that lead in real time, so the lead seller ends up losing money each time there is a duplicate or failed post. Since that lead opted into your offer and your TCPA, the lead cannot be resold.

To a lead buyer, the advantages of using a pre-ping include the lead seller may be more inclined to run your offer, knowing your accept rate will be high, and the number of failed posts will be low. If you have a very large database, buying leads in real time can propose an issue with your lead provider if fail rates creep past acceptable rates – a pre-ping would alleviate this. Using a pre-ping will ensure that only prospects not already existing in your database are shown your offer. Say goodbye to paying for dupe leads, or older customers sneaking their way back into your database, and incurring additional cost.

One thing to watch out for is pre-ping cost. There are many services out there today offering a pre-ping at a fee per ping (each database check to see if that lead exists in your database). Running our own call center, using a popular platform on the market, we enabled pre-ping on our internal campaigns not realizing the volume some of our providers we’re generating – over the course of one week, we incurred an $8,000+ bill JUST USING A PRE-PING. That day, we decided to build our own internal pre-ping, which later stemmed into a full blown data delivery platform, which you are reading about today.

The Data Prosper DDP (Data Delivery Platform) includes a pre-ping API with each campaign at no additional cost. We feel that a service as pivotal and simple as pinging a database shouldnt tax business’ as much as they do.

We can talk about the features of the platform and what it can do for days -or you can click the link below, fill out our simple form, and see it for yourself. We hope to hear from you soon!